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Imagine Dragons - Wrecked Lyrics

Imagine Dragons – Wrecked Lyrics

Wrecked Lyrics – Imagine Dragons [Verse 1] Days pass by and my eyes stay dry and I think that I’m okay ‘Til I find myself in conversation fading away The...

Boybreed – Asosede Lyrics

Boybreed – Asosede Lyrics

Asosede Lyrics – Boybreed Oh yeah yeah yeah (Champion) If them like make them call me mumu Make them call me nincompoop Baby I no go comot o Baby cos...

Spiritual Lyrics - Larruso

Larruso ft. Kojo Blak – Spiritual Lyrics

Spiritual Lyrics – Larruso [ ft. Kojo Blak ] LYRICS: Monica Kpanlogo (Wait there!!) Uhh uh uhhh Kpanlogo (Wait!!) Monica Kpanlogo! (Hey Hey) Kpanlogo! Kpanlogo!! Kpanlogo!!! Kpanlogoo Monica Kpanlogo Shey...

Shatta Wale – Bombers Lyrics

Shatta Wale – Bombers Lyrics

Bombers Lyrics – Shatta Wale LYRICS Beforee you know this party go turn to soldiers abi you know Shatta Movement full of bombers When the party start everybody go dey...