Davolee – Love Lyrics

Love Lyrics by Davolee


Even if na emoji
Mama i go show you love gan
Even if na emoji
papa aah ah ah ah ah (krrr)

Naughty by nature from my day one
You know WC no be shalanga
E go shock you say Don Jazzy sabi you
If Drake put you on

Many many time i dey labour
Cos you no go chop if you no be dagbana
Cos for this jungle the patient dog e no dey see bogoo

Ye! omo if you show me love (love)
i go show you love gan
no be everybody lucky
some people dey lackii brother love

Omo if you show me say you sweet
I go show you bubble gum
Even if i be Gomina lo la
i can’t forget where i am coming from

Omo if you show me love (olorun)
I go show you double gan, bobo
If you show me shopona
Then you’ll know Jesus is lord

You know i could somebody now be gone
But everybody still dey sung this song
aah aah aah
Now you know the boy is a god

Many people still dey miss the point
Thinking am here to compete
Middle fingers to your feelings
if you no dey get the money shift

:Love Lyrics by Davolee

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