Musumba – Lessons Lyrics

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The difference between music and song is, music is a sound, or the study of such sounds, organized in time, while song is a musical composition with lyrics for voice or voices, performed by singing.

Any living being needs food to survive. Food gives our bodies the energy it requires to function on a daily basis and this energy is used up and hence food is required on a regular basis to draw energy regularly too.

Music is energy too. It is a mix of vibrations and sounds which come together to create rhythm and hence an eclectic mix of energy. Just like our bodies need food and energy to thrive in this world, music acts as food for the soul rejuvenating it, filling it with energy and vitality.
Music is fun, relaxing, motivating and energizing. It has a profound impact on our mind and bodies.

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Lessons Lyrics – Musumba


Tempted in the desert
Lord I feel like I’m in the garden.
You peruse me harder

In you I’m guarded
In you I’m guarded

It’s like I fear people’s judgement
More than I’ve feared yours
I’ve made idols out of things
That were not my Lord
Now I mean it right from the core
I wanna live for you
You’ve done something they couldn’t do
Died for my sin
Now I needed you

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How did I get here Lord?
I don’t know
What’s true ?
Your word
By your grace
I can not boast
Cause Lord, I need you in my life.
Fallen on my face when I was blind
Lord I need you in my life.
Sometimes I just wish I could turn back time.

Tempted in the desert
Lord I feel like I’m on the garden
You peruse me harder

In you I’m guarded
In you I’m guarded

The breath that I breathe
You bled for my transgressions

I’m learning these lessons
I’m learning these lessons

:Lessons Lyrics – Musumba

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