Poem – The Naked Truth

Poem – The Naked Truth

There lived in the exordium,

A seemingly selfsame brothers

Viz. Truth and Lie

Living at the daggers drawn

The latter, basked in comfort of lies

And clothed in palpable falsehood,

But ‘twas vice versa with Truth

For his glorious garment glittered

All nook and cranny

Then came to pass a day in question

That Lie applied a stratagem

“Let’s take a swim in the pool together”

He trickily beseeched harmless Truth

But Truth applied no parity of reasoning

Though Lie blew hot and cold, he knew

And holistically gave in

As he sighed a sigh of impending danger

So in their nudeness

They mingled in the same atmosphere

But Lie leaped out unexpectedly

Put on the royal robe

Gained by Truth by sweat

And made away with it,

Noble Truth, upon seeing that, incensed

He acted on to retrieve his glory

But the fallen world unknowingly

Upon seeing the naked Truth, ignorantly

Mistook him for Lie contemptibly

And looked away with inhuman mockery

Yet ‘twas a sacrilegious irony.

Poor Truth went back silently

And zeroed into the pool deathlessly

Hiding his faceless face regrettably

Hitherto, Lie still perambulates

In the light of Truth

And the world’s inhabitants

Lack the untold holy mystery

For none’s the mere intention

To fish out the naked Truth

Poem – The Naked Truth :- A poem by: Michael Assefuah Ansah

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